Winter to the end of the year, but finally came. This means that we now have powder snow, cold temperatures - skiing in some remote areas in other words, a perfect setting. The following is one of our most recent trip, when we got caught in a fierce snowstorm a few photos. Fortunately, it is also our test new gear, including goggles from Oakley spoilers day. Let's look at them in the comments below how it works. The combination of stiff rock bottom plate and in doing a great job, out of the trails, especially in the downhill road running shoes are very interesting.

(I must say, I have not had the opportunity to do so much denivelation they then I must let you know that " long" downhill bit later, in the fall.) Each model salomon trail shoes is quite unique, with different run every time foot offers a different experience. I can really recommend RU4 RU4 mat and during the winter. It provides a good buffer, and cold (plus, it will be quite high, ankle) is an interesting amount. In the Fokker RU4, RU4 cushions and RU5: I have used three different types of socks, running in the past few months.

Traction provided by the super- flu is good, although the terrain may be too wet (snow and mud mixed) this particular model. I still think this is a good choice there is a very light shoe, in other ways rather than lose traction around a bit. The upper part of the shoe has not yet made??a significant compromise very much want to wet the fabric can salomon trail running shoes not protect or muddy. Nevertheless, attention to strengthening the protection of the toe which is useful and should help to increase the life of the shoe. This is because the so-called spoilers "SWITCHLOCK" quick-release feature that allows you to change lenses very easily.Oakley products are not cheap, but look at the quality is completely understandable ski goggles a great innovation. Pair of glasses is simply outstanding, will work in any conditions thanks to multiple lenses, and provide comfort and clear vision. You can not expect much from ski goggles, but Oakley provides all of these aspects of the speed brakes. You can try it, because you moved, because I was. I now have to run with them a few weeks for all sort of terrain (from the road to the singles...), again, I'm not disappointed, what Merrill has brought us. Overall salomon speedcross 3 womens it is light weight, reactive and a very insightful shoes.